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Fiber optic distribution box


12-core fiber distribution box manufacturer  
FOC specializes in production: communication cable transfer box, fiber distribution box, optical splitter box, ODF optical distribution frame, optical fiber quick connector, PLC optical splitter, optical cable connector box, fiber jumper, bundle pigtail , fiber optic adapter series fiber optic product models are complete, welcome to purchase

Optical cable junction box fiber distribution box, fiber distribution box, fiber optic corridor box cable splitter box fiber splitter box cable splitter box model: 12 core 16 core 24 core 32 core 36 core 48 core 72 core 96 core 108 core 144 core Installation method: the wall-mounted outdoor pole-type optical cable distribution box is suitable for the wiring connection between the optical cable and the optical communication equipment. The optical signal is extracted by the optical jumper through the coupler in the wiring box to realize the optical wiring function. It is suitable for the protective connection of fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail. It is also suitable for fiber termination point in fiber access network.

Connector insertion and removal durability life >1000 times.
The full radius of curvature control ensures that the radius of curvature of the fiber is greater than 30mm at any position.
Each fiber is clearly identified to avoid confusion that may result from disassembly during maintenance.
Flame retardant: Meets the requirements of GB5169.7 Experiment A.
Electrical performance connector attenuation (insertion, interchange, repetition) ≤ 0.3dB;
Return loss: APC type ≥ 60dB, UPC type ≥ 50dB, PC type ≥ 40dB;
High voltage protective grounding device:
Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ/500V (DC).
Withstand voltage: ≥3000V (DC) / 1min, no breakdown, no arcing.
Grounding wire cross-sectional area: >6mm2, there is a clear grounding mark at the grounding.
Advantages Various connector terminations are convenient and flexible to install.
There are various specifications such as drawer type and fixed type;
The modular fiber optic distribution box is more convenient to terminate and more flexible to use;
Support the management of various fiber connectors, such as SC, FC, LC, ST, etc.;
The space can be terminated with up to 96-core 72-core 48-core SC, FC, ST, LC fiber connectors;
Closed management;
The front operation makes installation quick and easy;
Built-in two sets of fiber-optic coils;
Can be installed outdoors, indoors. Wall-mounted. Floor-standing
Application range: introduction, fixing and stripping protection of optical cables, welding and protection of optical fibers, storage of pigtails, storage and management of fiber jumpers, fixed connection of optical fibers and cross-connection, etc. At the same time, optical splits can be installed according to customer requirements. Value-added module units such as wavelength division multiplexers.
Used for termination, use and management of fiber optic cables between wiring closets and equipment.

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